Terms of Agreement

Please read our Rental Agreement.


If possible, we would appreciate you having this printed at the time of delivery.

Safety is our TOP concern here at GBaby’s Bounce Houses!
Here is a BRIEF overview of our TOA

  1. General Rules to follow:
    1. The Lessee must ensure that there is Adult Supervision at all times.
    2. All riders must remove their shoes and all sharp, protruding or metal objects before entering the unit.
    3. To Avoid neck and back injuries, children or persons using the unit should not be permitted to do flips of any kind.
    4. Absolutely no “Silly String”, gum, candy, food or other sticky substances are allowed in the unit.
    5. Should cleaning be required a cleaning fee will be charged.
    6. Please do not move the unit once from the place where it was installed.
    7. No Pets inside the Unit
    8. Long hair should be tied back before using the unit.
    9. If any injuries occur while using the Unit, the injury must be reported in writing to the lessor within 12 hour of the occurrence.
  2. Delivery:
    1. Only to the address specified on the Rental Agreement/Email Reservation.
    2. It is Lessee’s responsibility to ensure the Unit is not to be moved from the setup location by anyone.
    3. Delivery and subsequent pick-up of the Unite with respect to the delivery Address are included in Rental Fee. In the event that the Unit is not returned at the appointed time by Lessee, a $50.00 extra transportation fee shall be imposed.
  3. Maintenance:
    1. Lessee agrees to keep the Unit in the same condition as when received. If damage is caused to the unit due to Lessee not following General Rules, the Lessee agrees to pay repair costs.
    2. Table & Chairs should be wiped down of debris before pick up.
  4. Rain Policy:
    1. During periods of severe weather conditions (i.e. rain, high winds, etc) We reserve the right to cancel your reservations. If conditions are not too severe, we will give you the option of keeping the unit. if you decide to keep the unit for the term of the Rental contract there will be no refunds.
  5. Lessor is not responsible for any damages to property electricity, power outages or breaker issues from use of Bounce Houses.
    1. Disclaimer: If Lessee shooses generator option, Lessor will remain present at location during duration of event.
    2. Each Unit has weight limit of 300 lbs. total.